Four Reasons to Purchase Refurbished Ultrasound Equipment
2022-02-15 ·
6:19 PM

Four Reasons to Purchase Refurbished Ultrasound Equipment

If you could purchase the same ultrasound equipment that runs at OEM specifications for a lower price, why wouldn’t you? At Probo Medical, we refurbish and repair our equipment to work at OEM standards at wholesale costs. Do you still need convincing on why refurbished ultrasound equipment is a great decision? Read our four reasons for purchasing it here!

1. Cost Savings

Purchasing used equipment can dramatically cut your costs. What you don’t lose by purchasing through a reputable company like Probo Medical is quality. So, you’re getting the same brand name OEM-quality equipment for less.

2. Value Add

When new technology is released, there are typically entry-level units with minimal features and high-end models with all the bells and whistles. By buying refurbished, you can get the slightly older high-end version for possibly as low of a price as a new entry-level unit. Meaning, more features for less.

3. Upgrade More Often

By purchasing refurbished equipment at a lower cost, you can afford to upgrade more often!

4. Testing new technologies

If you’re contemplating adding a new ultrasound offering or need a probe that would allow you to scan deeper or have a wider field of view, using refurbished equipment is an inexpensive way to test the demand for new exams! Our ultrasound system partners also have a rental program!

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