Where Can I Buy a Compatible GE Logiq 200 Probe?
2022-06-22 ·
4:34 PM
GE logiq 200 probe

If you need a replacement GE Logiq 200 probe but cannot find one from a local supplier, you’ve come to the right place. This article will guide you to a compatible GE logiq 200 probe and will answer any questions you may have about the model. You’ll also find information about the i12L-RS probe and the 4C-RS probe.

GE i12L-RS probe

The GE i12L-RS compatible linear array ultrasound probe is designed for use with a variety of GE ultrasound systems. The device features ergonomics and a lightweight design, making it easy to move around while performing an ultrasound procedure. Its lightweight design also makes it suitable for point-of-care applications. Its high-resolution imaging is ideal for a variety of medical applications.

The i12L-RS linear array is compatible with GE Voluson i ultrasound scanners. The GE 3S-RS sector array is also compatible with the i series. The GE 4C-RS curved and convex array is also compatible with GE’s Logiq 200. All three are highly compatible with one another. So, it’s a good idea to check your compatibility with both types of transducers before making the purchase.

GE 7S-RS probe

The GE 7S-RS transducer is a wide-band sector array that is compatible with GE ultrasound systems. It features 2D, M-Mode, and color doppler. Among the features it has is a 90-day manufacturer warranty. It is an excellent option for patients who frequently undergo cardiac and pediatric procedures. It is an excellent choice for medical facilities that require the highest quality ultrasound images.

The GE Logiq e NextGen ultrasound system is a compact, versatile, and easy-to-use system that delivers high-resolution images. It supports 3D/4D/4D imaging, which improves image quality and reduces speckle noise. The system also automatically adjusts imaging parameters to improve frame rate and time resolution. GE has also partnered with Miyoli to develop an ultrasound probe compatible with this system.

GE 4C-RS probe

GE’s 12L-RS ultrasound probe is a sector array that is compatible with the GE Logiq e, i, and S5 ultrasound machines. It can also be used with the GE 3S-RS probe, which is a sector array. The GE 4C-RS transducer features a convex or curved array that is compatible with the GE Voluson e.

GE ultrasound machines are made to use specific transducers. These devices are certified and compatible with GE ultrasound probes. WSA electronic Ukraine, Ltd., offers a wide selection of linear, convex, phased array, and endocavity probes. You can also connect special ultrasound probes for women’s health, cardiovascular, or general imaging applications.

GE 3S-RS probe

The GE Logiq 200 Pro ultrasound machine is an affordable and versatile solution for the practice of ultrasound imaging. Its advanced features include Automatic Tissue Optimization and live picture-in-picture capabilities. Its compact and lightweight design makes it easy to transport and use. It is compatible with a wide range of probes, including GE’s 3S-RS compatible models. This ultrasound probe is designed to fit comfortably in your ultrasound machine’s hand and is ideal for mobile use.

The GE Logiq 200 ultrasound probe is compatible with a variety of imaging devices including the GE Voluson e and i portable ultrasound systems. It is compatible with the GE Logiq 200 probe and the GE 3S-RS transducer. You can find refurbished versions of the probes at Providian Medical. They come with the appropriate instructions and warranty.

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