Where Can I Buy a Compatible GE Logiq P3 Probe?
2022-06-22 ·
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GE Logiq P3 Probe
If you are looking for a compatible GE Logiq P3 probe, you have come to the right place. This page covers Transducer, Monitor, Service key and Parts. If you have lost the original, you can easily replace the unit by following these steps. Identify the parts and find the right one for your needs. Then, simply follow the steps to replace the parts.


The GE Logiq P3 ultrasound machine is a compact, lightweight system that delivers high-quality imaging capabilities. To ensure the best performance for your patient, you should buy the right probe for your machine. Here’s a helpful guide to choosing the right probe for your machine. The P stands for performance in the GE Logiq P-Series line of ultrasound machines. These systems are suitable for general imaging as well as OB/GYN.
The GE website offers a variety of compatible GE ultrasound probes. The company also sells pre-owned probes and offers a buy-back program for used probes. To take advantage of this program, you must first log into the Common Service Desktop. On the Common Service Desktop, select Utilities and then Invoke SW Reload. Press Esc and a dialog box will appear. The GE screen will then display. A blue progress bar will appear.
The GE Logiq P5 ultrasound machine comes with 4D Obstetrics and 29 compatible transducers for general imaging. The computer features a 15-inch LCD monitor and a full-size keyboard. The computer has excellent image quality, high resolution and excellent color sensitivity. The GE Logiq P5 also comes with a USB drive and a full-size keyboard. It offers high-quality 4D imaging, improved image quality, and TruScan architecture. You can also export images via DICOM hospital network or USB drive.GE Logiq P3 Probe


The GE Logiq P3 is a discontinued model that is designed to provide diagnostic imaging for anesthesia, cardiology, gastroenterology, neurology, and OB-GYN. The P3 incorporates GE Healthcare’s TruScan architecture to provide exceptional ultrasound performance. This technology enables offline processing of images and manipulation of stored images. Its integrated software and hardware help to provide the best possible patient experience.
GE has been working to improve communication by standardizing Depth Illumination on its Echo platform. GE also offers next-generation stereo vision, known as PolarVision, which combines polarized stereo with depth rendering. It can also be displayed on a dedicated 3D monitor. GE is committed to improving communication in the cath lab and OR. The monitors have ergonomics that help you perform everyday tasks comfortably.
The GE Logiq V5 ultrasound monitor is compatible with many GE transducers. Most models are compatible with “RS” and “E8C” transducers. Its user-friendly interface and extensive accessory compatibility make it a top choice for many users. It also includes a 15-inch LCD monitor and a full-size keyboard. Its integrated image-enhancing technology helps produce high-quality images. It uses DICOM for easy sharing of results, and can be exported to USB or to a DICOM hospital network.
The GE Logiq P6 ultrasound monitor offers exceptional image quality, ergonomics, and value. Its advanced features allow medical professionals to perform a wide range of clinical imaging applications. This ultrasound monitor is comparable to the low-cost GE Logiq P5 but comes with extra high-end features. The average cost of a refurbished Logiq P6 is between $6,500 and $16,500. Ultrasound Supply offers refurbished GE Logiq P6 ultrasound monitors for a fraction of the cost.

Service key

In order to activate the GE Logiq P3 software, a GE Field Engineer needs a physical Service Key. This key is tied to a password and must be entered into a dialog box. The system must be turned off, connected to the network, and checked out. To obtain a service key, follow the steps outlined below. Make sure to follow all fields with an asterisk.
GE Logiq P3 ultrasound systems provide high-quality imaging for a range of general imaging applications. There are a total of 29 compatible transducers available. Choose the probes according to the type of patient and the type of imaging needed. The P-Series ultrasound systems are a cost-effective option for a shared service center. These systems are designed to support a variety of applications, including 4D Obstetrics, elastography, and general imaging.
The GE Voluson S6 and S8 ultrasound systems are virtually identical, with the exception of the lack of additional probes. Logiq ultrasounds are best suited for non-cardiac imaging applications, and GE’s Logiq shared service lines are the safest bet for those looking to buy a new device. The Logiq P3 ultrasound is a top choice for a variety of clinical applications.


The GE Logiq S8 is a multi-purpose ultrasound machine, ideal for abdominal, vascular, breast, cardiac, and small parts ultrasound. This machine replaces the Logiq 7, which was highly popular. Both machines have the same probe options, but the S7 has fewer. GE Logiq S8s are more affordable than the E9, but the S7 is still a high-end ultrasound machine.
The GE Logiq P3 ultrasound system features a 15-inch swivel LCD monitor and has several imaging modes. It also has two active probe ports. This ultrasound machine is compatible with a wide range of GE products. Replacement parts are readily available and can be ordered online. Parts for compatible GE Logiq P3 ultrasound machines include all parts needed for a complete system.
The GE Logiq P6 ultrasound system has excellent image quality and a number of probes. GE’s TruScan architecture allows for superior imaging performance. This ultrasound system is fully customizable and can be configured for a variety of medical applications. Its user-friendly interface and intuitive controls allow users to control the system. In addition, the system’s high-resolution ultrasound images are backed by a powerful image analysis program.


Currently, a compatible GE Logiq P3 ultrasound probe is available from two vendors on Bimedis. The lowest priced probe is available for $5,000, and the most expensive probe costs $8,250. GE offers a buy-back program whereby facilities can sell used probes for cash. You can also find a compatible GE Logiq P3 ultrasound probe on eBay. These items are often available at discount prices, and many sellers offer free shipping.
GE’s Logiq P3 ultrasound is one of its most popular models. This small, lightweight ultrasound is geared toward OB/GYN and general imaging, but the cost is more affordable than most other GE models. This ultrasound offers good image quality without sacrificing image quality. In addition to its small size and portability, the P3 is highly affordable and can be dedicated to a department in need of a medical ultrasound machine.
While the Logiq P5 ultrasound offers 4D Obstetrics and breast imaging, this machine is also an excellent choice for general imaging. It has a 15-inch LCD monitor and full-size keyboard. It offers enhanced image quality, TruScan architecture, and easy exporting via DICOM hospital network. Moreover, the Logiq P5 ultrasound offers high-quality 4D imaging and high-resolution images.

Where to buy

Whether you’re a hospital or private practice, the GE Logiq P3 ultrasound machine will give you high-quality imaging capabilities for a variety of clinical applications. The guide will help you select the right probe for your specific needs. The P stands for performance in the Logiq P-Series ultrasound systems, which are an entry-level model in the General Imaging line. The P-Series ultrasound systems are capable of a range of applications, including diagnostic imaging, cardiology, gastroenterology, neurology, and OB/GYN.
The LOGIQ P3 incorporates advanced technologies from GE Healthcare to ensure deep penetration, high resolution, and great color sensitivity. The GE TruScan architecture gives this ultrasound machine exceptional imaging performance and allows offline image processing, including manipulation of images. To use the GE LOGIQ P3, visit Enterprise Ultrasound today. They sell new and pre-owned probes for GE ultrasound machines. And if you’re in need of a replacement probe, check out their probe buyback program.

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