Where Can I Buy a Compatible GE Logiq200PRO Ultrasound Probe?
2022-06-22 ·
5:21 PM
GE Logiq200PRO Ultrasound Probe
If you’re wondering where to buy a replacement GE i12L-RS ultrasound probe, look no further than GE’s website. This product is compatible with the GE Logiq200PRO ultrasound probe and has a long list of compatible accessories. The GE i12L-RS ultrasound transducer has a linear array and can be used with a variety of GE products. It’s also compatible with the GE Voluson i.

GE i12L-RS probe

The GE i12L-RS Linear Array Ultrasound Probe supports ultrasound imaging and is designed for clinical use by healthcare professionals. This linear array transducer has multiple selectable fundamental and harmonic frequencies that are appropriate for imaging vascular, peripheral vascular and musculoskeletal structures. In addition to being compatible with GE ultrasound systems, it is ergonomically designed for comfort and ease of use.
The i12L-RS is a high-quality linear array transducer with a frequency range of 5.0 MHz to 13.0 MHz. It supports pediatric, peripheral, small parts, and vascular applications. This transducer is compatible with many ultrasound systems, so you can choose a probe that best fits your needs. It is available in a range of different colors and offers a wide range of features.
GE also offers a range of preowned and new ultrasound machines. Their probe buy-back program allows facilities to earn cash back for unwanted ultrasound equipment. Whether you are looking for a new ultrasound probe for your GE Vivid S5 or S6, the i12L-RS is compatible with all of them. When you buy it from GE, you can rest assured that you’ll get a high-quality ultrasound probe at the best possible price.GE Logiq200PRO Ultrasound Probe

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