Where Can I Buy a Compatible Hitachi HI VISION900 Ultrasound Probe?
2022-06-23 ·
3:25 PM
Hitachi HI VISION900 Ultrasound Probe
Where Can I Buy a Compatible Hitachi HI VISION900 ultrasound probe? If you are a new ultrasound user, it is essential that you understand the benefits of this diagnostic probe. The benefits of this device are extensive, and include an easy-to-use software for image management and off-line measurements. The software mimics an ultrasound system, allowing you to perform measurements and create customised reports.


There are several places you can buy a compatible Hitachi HI VISION900 ultrasound probe. One place is Hitachi, a global ultrasound imaging company with facilities in Russia, India, and other countries. You can click on request a quote to receive more information. If you’re unsure of which probe you need, contact the company directly. The company is happy to help you determine the best option for your diagnostic imaging needs.
To find a compatible replacement part, visit the website of the Hitachi Medical Systems Europe (Holding) AG in Zug, Switzerland. The company has representation in several European countries. The company is certified to International Standard of System Quality Assurance (ISO 9001), Medical Device Special Requirements (ISO 13485), and Environmental Management Systems (ISO 14001). To ensure proper use, it is advisable to refer to the user’s manual.

Graphical user interface

The graphical user interface of the Hitachi HI VISION900 probe makes it easier to operate and maintain the probe than ever before. It combines the best technologies in a single device to provide unprecedented image quality. HI VISION 900 offers a combination of state-of-the-art signal processing with a proprietary coded transmitted pulse sequence that delivers exceptional detail resolution and contrast. The probe also features HI RES+, a unique feature that delivers uniform speckle reduction.
The HI VISION900 probe is compatible with the Hitachi HI VISION 900 ultrasound system, making it a versatile system with many advanced features. It has a floating control panel, ergonomic probes, Bluetooth voice control, and an infrared remote control for maximum ease of use. It also offers a fully adjustable floating control panel and ergonomic probes. In addition to these features, the Hitachi HI VISION900 probe features a one-touch HI VISION user interface for a more convenient, intuitive experience.
The Hitachi HI VISION900 is a high-end ultrasound system that combines innovative image acquisition techniques with operational enhancements to enhance clinical efficiency. It offers advanced features, such as an Elastography Mode, that enable physicians to examine the insides of vessels. With its multi-modality capabilities, this ultrasound scanner offers multiple modes and modalities that will enhance your clinical practice.

High resolution tissue adaptive filtering technique

The Hi VISION900 is an ultrasound probe that offers high resolution tissue imaging with the use of an adaptive filtering technique. The tissue images can be retrieved using an integrated network and the measurements can be performed offline. The software can be used to generate customized reports. The images are interpreted with the use of an interactive software that mimics the ultrasound system. The user can even perform tissue measurements and get a 3-D image of the structure of the tissues.
The high resolution tissue adaptive filtering technique (HI Rez+) provides real-time data with enhanced clarity and contrast. The system uses an ultra-high-speed algorithm and a dedicated high-speed ASIC calculator to perform tens of thousands of spatial imaging processing operations. By using this technique, real tissue echoes are rendered uniform and the noise is reduced. The HI Vision imaging process uses a combination of HI Com and HdTHI and is useful for detecting small fluid collections.
The HI VISION900 is a high-end ultrasound system that combines advanced image acquisition techniques with operational enhancements for the ultimate in clinical efficiency. The Hitachi HI VISION900 probe is equipped with advanced features, including a new Elastography Mode. The system is compatible with both convex and linear scan type probes. It also comes with a multifunctional probe designed to increase the patient’s comfort and safety.
The Hitachi HI VISION900 uses a proprietary coded pulse sequence for unmatched image quality. This technique also utilizes a double-decoding method for echoes, resulting in a short, high-amplitude pulse on the receive end. It also includes an ergonomically designed 17-inch digital LCD Monitor with a touch-sensitive interface.
With this technology, the HI VISION900 probe can produce highly detailed images with fine contrast and a high frame rate. Its advanced image processing algorithms minimize speckle noise and increase spatial and contrast resolution. The device is equipped with an oblique B-mode image function for an improved diagnosis area. This advanced technology automatically optimizes B mode and PW mode parameters, resulting in faster and more accurate diagnosis.
To create an adaptive filtering technique, the HI VISION900 uses a DCF-type fiber. This is composed of a core 108, a DCF, an objective lens, and a gRISM. As the light passes through the fiber, the donut is illuminated with an acceptable resolution spot. A larger aperture in the fiber performs light collection.

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