Where Can I Buy a Compatible Medison SA-5500 Probe?
2022-06-24 ·
3:45 PM
Medison SA-5500 Probe
If you need a replacement for your MEDISON SA-5500 probe, you will want to find a compatible product. Here are some guidelines to remember. Don’t saturate the probe with liquids above the recommended level. This can damage the piezoelectric ceramics inside the probe, causing a circuit failure and/or burnout. Always wipe off the coupling gel after use to avoid affecting its function.

MEDISON SA-5500 probe replacement

The Medison SA-5500 replacement probe is designed to improve the imaging quality of this imaging system. The SA-5500 features a PC-based design, and is designed around a Pentium(tm) PC for easy networking and software upgrades. Its curved monitor and keyboard can be adjusted to the working position. The software provides intuitive controls for a PC user, and it has a built-in ERIA digital scan conversion process to maintain the highest quality image display.

MEDISON SA-5500 probe brands

If you’re looking for a replacement for your MEDISON SA-5500 ultrasound probe, you’ll have plenty of choices. Among the brands to consider are Medison, SIUI, SONOSCAPE, Hitachi, Edan, HP, and Sonosite. Each of these brands makes quality ultrasound probes and accessories. The EC4-9/10R probe is a small, lightweight transducer that fits into orifices inside the body. This is a useful option for urologists, who can use it for rectal and urinary tract problems.

MEDISON SA-5500 probe functions and features

The Medison SA-5500 is a PC-based ultrasound imaging system that provides full digital processing for superior near-field resolution and overall lateral resolution. Its unique digital apodisation system completes the digital signal path and preserves the finest detail even in outer image areas. It also features an ergonomically designed keyboard and monitor that adjusts to the user’s position. The software includes features that simplify imaging, including easy image management and storage.

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