Where Can I Buy a Compatible MEDISON SA PICO Transducer?
2022-07-21 ·
11:20 AM
If you own a Medtronic ultrasound system, or want to upgrade it with a new one, it’s likely that you’re wondering: Where can I buy a replacement MEDISON SA PICO transducers? In this article, you’ll learn how much replacement transducers cost and where to find them. This information will save you both time and money.

Replacement transducer

There are a variety of options when it comes to choosing a replacement transducer for a Medison ultrasound machine. The USM97249 replacement transducer is a good choice for a replacement model that supports the use of ultrasound for fluid flow analysis and diagnostic imaging. This replacement part is substantially equivalent to the OEM transducer. While there are a few differences between the OEM transducer and this replacement part, they are similar in function and feature. Both are compatible with the same diagnostic ultrasound systems. Both are made of piezoelectric crystals, acoustic lenses, a cable with strain relief on both ends, and a connector that attaches the transducer assembly to the ultrasound console.
The SONOACE PICO ultrasound machine is compact, about the size of a business briefcase. It comes equipped with an array of innovative technical features that deliver superior image quality. These include digital beamforming, tissue harmonic imaging, and Freehand 3D. Because it’s part of the Samsung Medison ultrasound family, it practically guarantees high-quality images. If you need a replacement Medison transducer, you’ll want to purchase one of the many available online.


The SONOACE PICO ultrasound transducer is a compact device about the size of a regular business briefcase that is loaded with innovative technology for superior image quality. The device comes preinstalled with SonoView Lite image management software. It also includes a USB port connection for adding external storage. The SONOACE PICO is a member of the Samsung Medison ultrasound family. Choosing a unit from the Medison ultrasound family virtually ensures that images will be of high quality.

Where to buy

Medison ultrasound systems are compatible with a wide variety of probes. Among these are the convex and linear probes as well as the phased array and endocavity transducers. Additionally, there are several special probes that are compatible with the ultrasound systems, including cardiovascular, general imaging, and women’s health probes. Find out where you can buy a compatible MEDISON SA PICO transducer.

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