Where Can I Buy a Compatible MEDISON SA6000 Probe?
2022-06-24 ·
5:09 PM
MEDISON SA6000 Probe
If you are looking for a replacement MEDISON SA6000 probe, you’ve come to the right place. This article will go over the features and functions of this particular model, as well as the patient monitor that it comes with. Once you understand the functions of your MEDISON SA6000 probe, you’ll be able to find the right replacement for your needs quickly and easily.

MEDISON SA6000 probe functions

Where can I buy the same or a compatible MEDISON SA6000 ultrasound probe? The Medison ultrasound system has several options to meet your imaging needs. Its console design makes it convenient for OB/GYN and internal medicine physicians. It also features a shared service option and compatible ultrasound probes. The X4 is compatible with many different brands and models of ultrasound probes. It is also more affordable and easy to replace. In addition, it has a 20% restocking fee, making it a good choice for a shared service facility.


Compatible MEDISON SA6000 probe has four functions. The BF of this probe is divided into four functional parts: Tx part is responsible for shooting high voltage under suitable condition, BFIC performs summing of AD input signal and transmits the result to the DSC mid-processing module, ADC group is composed of LC filter and AD converter, and BF-RX controls the different Digital devices. Its MCB014 Cell-based ASIC provides the necessary features to perform Tx and Rx focusing calculation and Dynamic focus on various Scanlines.
The VCR-compatible echo printer allows you to print B/W images or any information on the screen. The cable connects to the SA-6000II monitor and freezes to the screen of your choice. The system works at 110V. The Echo Printer is operated by pressing the corresponding keys. The SA-6000II monitor can display images from the echo printer. The Echo Printer is connected to a compatible MEDISON SA6000 probe.
The Mother Board System performs interface functions among boards, cables and sub-apparatus. It is comprised of PCB parts, connectors, and an AC power input path. The SA6000II power is designed according to the board type, and connects to the Mother B/D directly. The System Setup Dialogue is used to configure the system and the board. It is only used by the service engineer, product engineer, and/or user.
The system and the probe are connected to each other using a special device called a Probe Select Array. The probe is connected to the system through two 156-pin cannon connectors. The Port Select Array circuit selects the right probe and the left probe, respectively. When the probe is plugged into a system, it must be grounded, powered off, and grounded to ensure a good connection.
The SA6000II Key Interface & Matrix IC is made up of Row 18bit and Column 8bit as Matrix form. The Key Map is fixed according to the IC’s Key Map. It converts normal signals to RS-232C serial. This device also uses a voltage regulator and UPS to protect patient data. The compatible MEDISON SA6000 probe will provide excellent performance.
The GE Optical Scanner is EMR-compatible and features easy operation. It features DICOM 3.0 support, and is easily connected to PACS networks. It is highly portable and EMR-compatible. It features one-touch image optimization. It is also compatible with most MEDISON acoustic systems. MEDISON SA6000 probes are compatible with a wide range of other ultrasound systems.

Patient monitor

The compatible MEDISON SA6000 probe for patient monitoring is designed to enhance the efficiency of your diagnostic imaging workflow. It can be used to acquire images from different body tissues, such as a patient’s heart. The L75/40 linear probe has several advantages, including less penetration and higher resolution images. It can also be used for vascular diagnosis, venipunctures, and peritoneum. It is a great choice for those who need a high resolution image, but are not willing to spend money on the premium version.

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