Where Can I Buy a Compatible MEDISON SA8000se Transducer?
2022-07-21 ·
11:15 AM
MEDISON SA8000se Transducer
Where Can I Buy a Compatible MED ISON SA8000se Transducer? If you are wondering where to find a suitable replacement, you will find useful information in this article. We will discuss EMI/EMC specifications, safety features, and warranty. To make your search easier, we have listed down some essential features and specifications of the MEDISON SA8000se Transducer.

EMI/EMC requirements

When choosing a compatible MEDISON SA8000se ultrasound transducer, you must carefully consider the environment and any EMI/EMC requirements. The system is intended for use in a typical commercial or hospital environment and includes a power switch and recording device. For the SA8000SE, the user is supervised by a physician. Its other features include a parallel or VGA output port, isolated patient connection, and a power switch.
EMI/EMC standards are set to minimize the harmful effects of electromagnetic waves and fields. They are based on the requirement that the EMI/EMC levels of a device or system do not interfere with other devices or processes. The standards are also used to ensure that electronic devices do not cause any harm to people or the environment. MEDISON SA8000se transducers have met the EMI/EMC requirements of the IEC.
If you are interested in purchasing a compatible MEDISON SA8000se ultrasound transducer, you should know that EMI/EMC testing is required. To ensure that your purchase is safe, you should have the equipment tested for EMC/EMI emissions. Generally, the standards define the types of devices and their emission limits, which must meet minimum levels to avoid damaging radiation.
EMC/EMI standards are set by international, national, and regional organizations. The European Union (EU) delegates the responsibility for developing these standards. This publication lists the current EMC/EMI standards and the corresponding immunity test criteria. The standard also provides a date of cessation, in case it becomes obsolete. Further, the standards can be used as references for the selection of compatible MEDISON SA8000se transducer.


A MEDISON ultrasound system consists of an ultrasound probe, recording devices, and optional equipment. The SA8000SE transducer is intended for use by a licensed physician or under their supervision. It features an isolated patient connection, VGA or parallel ports, and a power switch. This transducer is designed to produce images of small organs, such as the kidneys.
A MEDISON SA8000SE ultrasound probe has multiple functions, and the specifications are summarized in the Probe Specifications. The transducer includes trans-vaginal and trans-rectal probes. The application of these probes includes vascular, abdominal, and small parts ultrasound. The SA8000SE ultrasound probe is compatible with the MEDISON SONOACE transducer.
MEDISON ultrasound transducers must be sterilized before being used for vaginal and rectal probing. The manufacturer recommends using disinfectants that are compatible with MEDISON ultrasound products. The FDA 510(k) process certifies these disinfectants. If the transducer is damaged or malfunctioning, contact the Medison Customer Service department immediately to ensure proper functioning.
The SA8000SE includes a PCB with a Digital Beamformer and Continuous Wave Doppler. The PCB also supports dual line receiving and an apodization function. The SA8000SE is compatible with a wide variety of other digital audio and video equipment. This system features a PCC PCB, which removes noise from Doppler signals and amplifies audio to a sufficient level. The PCB is also programmable to include audio information into video.
The MEDISON SA8000se transducer has three different frequency ranges. You can use the frequency buttons to select the most suitable probe frequency for your practice. In addition, the audio button controls the sound volume. The power doppler mode is not compatible with the linear probe. The CW2.0 pencil probes have an enhanced software feature that allows you to select and use the appropriate transducer for your practice.


Compatible MEDISON SA8000se transducers come with a one-year limited warranty from the manufacturer. This warranty covers parts and labor for the first four years after purchase. During the first year, service representatives from Mindray will provide on-site repair services. In the subsequent four-year warranty period, customers can expect parts-only support. During the warranty period, Mindray will replace or repair transducers.


This ultrasound system is complete with probes, recording devices, and optional equipment. Compatible MEDISON SA8000SE ultrasound transducers allow you to perform your own diagnostic procedures under the supervision of a physician. The SA8000SE includes a VGA and parallel port output, isolation of the patient, and a power switch. The SA8000SE provides excellent performance and value for money. You can order a replacement transducer online, or find a dealer in your area.
This ultrasound transducer comes with a convenient user interface. The patient information window is clearly labeled with the Medison logo and the name of the hospital. The probe selection window allows you to set the application type, including transrectal or vaginal ultrasound. You can also annotate the image, with a body mark, text, or indicator. This window also displays basic measurements, such as blood pressure, body fat, and blood glucose levels.
A compatible MEDISON SA8000SE transducer is designed to operate with the same transducer system. It contains a PCC PCB, which helps remove noise from the Doppler signals and amplifies the audio to a sufficient level. This PCB also enables you to add audio information to your video. Despite these pros, you may still need to contact Medison for help.
When installing the SA8000SE, follow the steps to install it. The SONOACE 8000SE is compatible with Mitsubishi CP800, Sony UP895, and UP895MD. After installing it, make sure that your system has an adequate floor space. Afterwards, place the 8000SE on a stable, flat surface. A Medison customer service representative can help you install the printer driver on your computer.

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