Where Can I Buy a Compatible MEDISON SA8800 Probe?
2022-06-24 ·
5:17 PM
MEDISON SA8800 Probe
If your EC4-9ES-N micro convex endocavitary probe is damaged or malfunctioning, you might be wondering where to find a replacement. This article will show you where to buy a compatible EC4-9ES-N probe. Here are a few tips to get you started. Also, learn about the different types of probes and what you can do to ensure that your probe is operating properly.MEDISON SA8800 Probe

EC4-9ES-N probe

The EC4-9ES-N ultrasound transducer is an endorectal/rectal probe with a micro convex endocavity that can fit into body orifices. It is designed for use by urologists to diagnose urinary and rectal tract issues. This probe is compatible with the EC4-9ES-N urodynamic analyzer and is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee.MEDISON SA8800 Probe

EC4-9ES-N probe is a micro convex endocavitary probe

The EC4-9ES-N is able to perform endorectal and vaginal ultrasound procedures using its unique, minimal footprint. The EC4-9ES-N is highly adaptable and can fit comfortably into the body’s sphincters. These transducers are especially helpful for urologists, as they can help diagnose complication in the rectal, urinary, or abdominal areas.

Replacement probe

A MEDISON SA8800 ultrasound machine requires a compatible probe. While the original MEDISON probe has many features, the compatible version is designed to fit the same machine. There are different types of probes available for the SA8800, including convex, linear, phased array, endocavity, and more. These probes are certified and offer a wide range of performance. WSA electronic Ukraine, Ltd., a manufacturer of ultrasound equipment, offers a full range of replacement ultrasound probes and transducers for these devices. The company also sells several special ultrasound probes for cardiac, vascular, general imaging, and women’s health applications.

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