Where Can I Buy a Compatible MEDISON SA9900 Probe?
2022-06-24 ·
5:18 PM
MEDISON SA9900 Probe
If you have a MEDISON ultrasound system, you are probably wondering: “Where can I buy a compatible MEDISON SA9900 probe?” If so, you have come to the right place. We’ll go over the features of the MEDISON SA9900 probe, how to determine whether it will work with your device, and where to buy it. After reading this article, you’ll be able to make an informed decision.

MEDISON SA9900 probe

When buying ultrasound transducers for your Medison ultrasound machine, be sure to look for probes that are certified for use with your system. You can find many different types of probes for your Medison ultrasound machine, from convex and linear to phased array and endocavity. Many ultrasound systems are compatible with several special probes for women’s health, cardiovascular, and general imaging.

MEDISON SA9900 probe price

The compatible MEDISON SA9900 probe costs around $120. The SA9900 has 192 element-to-channel ratio, so if you have a probe with this many elements, you’ll want to get a compatible one. The SA9900 uses a hybrid IC, MHIC9064, which consists of two Pulsers and 3 pins per receive channel. Below is a diagram of the inner circuit of the MHIC9604, which is the heart of the SA9900.
The probe must be cleaned properly after each use to prevent contamination. If you have used the probe in a sterilization process, be sure to wash it thoroughly. Then, disinfect the probe using a suitable antiseptic solution. Once sterilized, make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and not touch the probe with sharp objects, as this could cause damage. Once the probe is sterile, make sure it’s wiped with a clean, asepsis towel. Repair or replace the probe if it breaks, leaks or has sharp corners.

MEDISON SA9900 probe compatibility

The MEDISON SA9900 ultrasound scanner has a wide range of compatible transducers and probes, including convex, linear, phased array, and endocavity. Specialized probes are available for various applications, including cardiovascular, general imaging, and women’s health. Read below for more information about the various probes available for this ultrasound scanner. To find out whether a specific probe is compatible with your machine, click on the links below.
Before disinfecting, be sure to remove any residue from the probe. Avoid scrubbing it with soft brushes, as this may damage the probe. After cleaning, make sure to apply sterile solution and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. When disinfecting, do not touch the probe with any sharp object, including other tools or instruments. If possible, dry the probe thoroughly after sterilization. To ensure probe compatibility, it’s best to use a dry, non-abrasive brush.

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