Where Can I Buy a Compatible MEDISON SA9900 Transducer?
2022-07-21 ·
11:26 AM
MEDISON SA9900 Transducer
If you have a SA9900 ultrasound transducer, you might be wondering where to buy a replacement for it. You can find a compatible replacement by checking the Safety symbols on the product. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when replacing the MEDISON SA9900 transducer. These symbols stand for MHIC9604, USL97251, and more.


To replace the Transducer of the Compatible MEDISON SA9900, all you have to do is follow the instructions below. Before you begin the repair process, make sure to perform it in the same environment that you normally perform exams. The room should be set to the same background lighting and wall outlet as the original one. The SA9900 should also function properly by turning on the LED of the monitor and keyboard.


A MHIC9604 compatible MEDISON SA9900 transducers are designed for SA9900 ultrasound scanners. This device features a 15-inch VGA monitor. To use this ultrasound machine, you will first need to unwrap the carton, remove the binder tape, lift the monitor and set it on a flat surface. You will also need to set aside all the shipping materials, including the packaging materials for the SA9900 Ultrasound system.
The SA9900 supports a probe with up to 192 elements. You should choose a MHIC9604 compatible MEDISON SA9900 transducer with 48(32) Pulser per Beamformer board. The MHIC9064 IC contains two Pulsers and three pins for the receive channel. The inner circuit diagram of the MHIC9604 can be found below.
The SA-9900 has a class I-BF rating against electric shock. Therefore, it is important to use it carefully. The transducer is also certified to reduce EMI/EMC. By default, the SA-9900 is operating in DSP mode. Once the DSP mode is complete, it automatically switches to real mode. Then, in cine mode, the unit will transfer one row, like real mode.
If a MHIC9604 Compatible MEDITON SA9900 transducer is unsatisfactory, you may wish to contact the manufacturer. Typically, a faulty transducer will not function properly in a diagnostic procedure. If the probe is not functioning properly, you can perform a knife test to determine its quality. To do this, you will need to put a small amount of Echo Gel on the face of the probe. When the probe is working properly, you should see a series of bright columns. If a probe isn’t working properly, it will show blank lines.


The USL97251 Ultrasound transducer is a replacement for standard ultrasound systems. It is used for diagnostic ultrasound imaging and fluid flow analysis in the human body. This transducer is similar to or substantially equivalent to the OEM transducer. Its main components include piezoelectric crystals in a plastic-covered lens and a cable with strain relief on both ends. It includes a connector to attach to the ultrasound console.

Safety symbols for medical electronic equipment

If you’re unsure about the classification of a piece of medical equipment, you can check its labeling. Labeling is as important as classification. The IEC 60601-1 standard provides comprehensive requirements for medical device labeling, marking, servicing, and maintenance. Some of these requirements are common sense; others are safety-critical. Below are a few examples. Read through them carefully before you purchase medical equipment. The purpose of a label is to inform the user or patient of the device’s capabilities, risks, and capabilities.
If the device requires sterile fluid, you’ll see a symbol that indicates this. Some devices are designed with sterile fluid paths. The symbol is placed next to the name of the manufacturer or the date by which the product must be used. Some medical devices are single-use. These labels tell you which ones should be disposed after use. Some other symbols indicate a safety-related issue. Some medical equipment is sterile.
The ionizing radiation warning symbol is used in laboratory environments. It consists of a skull and crossbones with a black exclamation point. The symbol warns people to avoid the equipment when it is near the body. The symbol may be placed on equipment or in cupboards. It also serves as a reminder to wear protective equipment. It is also helpful in identifying medical devices that are dangerous to the health of the user.
The device should be classified according to its classification. For example, the symbol indicates if it contains biological tissue or cells, or if it can be in direct contact with a patient. The symbol also indicates whether the device contains substances with carcinogenic or endocrine-disrupting properties. It also identifies whether or not it needs to be protected from heat, moisture, or radioactive sources. It’s important to always follow the manufacturer’s instructions on operating and maintaining medical devices.

Replacement transducer

If you need a replacement MEDISON SA9900 transducers, you’ve come to the right place. The SA9900 is a multi-frequency ultrasound transducer that supports 192 elements and features a hybrid IC. The transducer has an active aperture of 64 channels. The SA9900’s internal components include a MHIC9064 IC with two Pulsers and three pins on each receive channel.

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