Where Can I Buy a Compatible Probe For the Chison 8500 Ultrasound System?
2022-06-29 ·
5:43 PM
Chison 8500 Ultrasound System
If you own a Chison 8500 Digital Handheld Pulse Oximeter, you are probably wondering if you can use a different probe to connect the machine. There are some good news though – you can get a compatible probe for these devices. The WSA electronic Ukraine, Ltd. company sells a variety of probes for this system, including linear, phased array, convex, and endocavity. You can even use some special probes for women’s health, cardiovascular, and general imaging.Chison 8500 Ultrasound System

Chison SonoBook 6

The Chison SonoBook 6 ultrasound system is a laptop-based design with productivity-boosting imaging features. The Chison SonoBook 6 delivers crisp imaging performance and a simple workflow with its ergonomic design and rotatable LED monitor. The SonoBook 6’s compact design provides a superior level of productivity, while the ECO 5 uses less power and reduces eye fatigue. It is compatible with a variety of probes and comes with a standardized connector.
The Chison SonoBook 6 is a powerful, compact, robust ultrasound machine that provides outstanding imaging results in all veterinary applications. It includes dedicated calculation packages, body marks, and annotations. The imaging capabilities of the SonoBook 6 make it the ideal device for examining small and large animals. Its easy to use workflow and intuitive user interface make it an excellent choice for the busy veterinary professional. The Chison SonoBook 6 is available in many configurations and features, including the following:
Chison’s new SonoBook 6 ultrasound system provides exceptional diagnostic imaging in a compact laptop design. The SonoBook 6 offers high-quality 2D images and fast, accurate 4D volume images and an intuitive workflow. Its high-resolution CW imaging detects blood flow and helps physicians diagnose conditions with greater clinical information. For cardiac ultrasound, the SonoBook 6 includes a Cardiovascular Waveguide (CW).Chison 8500 Ultrasound System

Chison 8500 Digital Handheld Pulse Oximeter

The Chison 8500 Digital Handheld Pulss Oximeter is a compact and easy-to-use tool that provides a comprehensive, portable tool for patient monitoring. Its user-friendly design allows for both spot checks and continuous monitoring and it is powered by six 1.5V AA-size alkaline batteries, which last up to 160 hours under normal display brightness. Its telescopic handle makes it easy to use while holding it in one hand.
It is compatible with Nonin PureLight sensors, which enable you to take measurements in a variety of settings. This handheld pulse oximeter also features a rugged design and a large, bright LED display. Its nonin PureSAT pulse oximetry technology provides accurate oximetry measurements and automatically adjusts to patient conditions, making it convenient to use. Its battery life is also one of the best in its class, and it can last up to 100 hours when using six AA batteries.

Compatible probes

The Nonin 8500 Digital Handheld Pulse Oximeter is a versatile and simple device used for patient monitoring. This device supports a variety of compatible sensors and is powered by six 1.5V AA-size alkaline batteries. This device runs for 160 hours on normal display brightness. It also works with a wide range of blood oxygen sensors, including NIH-approved nitric oxide probes.
As the world’s leading online ultrasound equipment retailer, National Ultrasound carries a wide range of ultrasound machines and parts from top manufacturers, including Chison. For the human body, this portable ultrasound offers a 10” SVGA high resolution monitor and real-time dynamic imaging. It is available in veterinary and human models and is suited for obstetrics. It also comes with a range of special-purpose ultrasound probes, including those for cardiovascular and general imaging.

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