Where Can I Buy a Compatible Samsung SONOACE PICO Ultrasound Probe?
2022-06-27 ·
4:37 PM
Samsung SONOACE PICO Ultrasound Probe
The SONOACE PICO ultrasound probe is a pocket-sized ultrasound scanner that is packed with innovative technological features for superior image quality. It uses tissue harmonic imaging and digital beamforming technologies to deliver color, spectral, and pulse wave Doppler images. It is part of the Samsung Medison ultrasound family, which practically guarantees excellent ultrasound images. So where can you purchase a compatible SONOACE PICO ultrasound probe?Samsung SONOACE PICO Ultrasound Probe

Medison EC4-9ED

The SONOACE PICO ultrasound transducer from Medison is a compact, lightweight ultrasound system with advanced technical features. This ultrasound scanner offers superior image quality thanks to advanced features such as digital beamforming and tissue harmonic imaging technology. It also features freehand 3D imaging and Color & Pulse Wave Doppler. Because it is part of the Medison ultrasound family, the SONOACE PICO practically guarantees the quality of the images.Samsung SONOACE PICO Ultrasound Probe

Medison HL5-12ED

A cart-based, fully portable digital color ultrasound system, the SONOACE PICO is an all-digital ultrasound device with superior image quality. Its unique digital beamforming and tissue harmonic imaging technologies ensure superior image quality. It also offers freehand 3D imaging, harmonic imaging, and color Doppler scanning, which virtually guarantees quality ultrasound images. Its size and lightweight design makes it easy to move around in a busy office.
The HL5-12ED has a linear piezoelectric crystal alignment and high frequency with less permeation. This device is compatible with the Samsung sonoace PICO probe and is ideal for various clinical diagnoses, including intraoperative examinations, body fat thickness measurements, and laparoscopy. It comes with a one-year warranty on parts and labor, as well as a U.S. based technical support hotline.
The Medison HL5-12ED ultrasound system is equipped with the latest technology and features. Its slim design and user-friendly interface make it a good entry-level system for both home and clinic use. Its advanced features, such as enhanced 4D imaging, Dynamic MR, full spectrum imaging, and 3D extended imaging, are easy to use. And it comes with an automatic gynecologic volume measurement system and a full range of settings for assessing patients’ health.

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