Where Can I Buy a Compatible Siemens Acuson G40 Ultrasound Probe?
2022-07-21 ·
5:10 PM
Siemens Acuson G40 Ultrasound Probe
Purchasing a compatible Siemens acuson G40 ultrasound probe can be difficult. While the manufacturer may have a list of parts available, the specifics vary by model. Listed below are the maximum capabilities of the transducer and its features. To determine the exact price, please contact the manufacturer directly. This article provides information on where to buy a Compatible Linear/ Convex/ Rectal ultrasound probe.

Siemens acuson G40 probe

If you’re looking to upgrade your ultrasound probe, you need to know where to buy a compatible Siemens acuson G40 probe. The latest generation of single-crystal piezoelectric designs have improved axial resolution, harmonic imaging, and sensitivity. These devices are also backed by a long product life. Listed below are some sources where you can purchase a compatible Siemens acuson G40 probe.

SONOLINE G40(tm) ultrasound system

The SONOLINE G40 ultrasound system takes Siemens core technology migration to the next level, providing superior diagnostic performance and workflow efficiency. With pulsed-wave Doppler and color Doppler capabilities, this ultra-portable ultrasound system sets a new standard in performance for mobile, compact ultrasound systems. To learn more about this ultrasound system, read the following articles:

Siemens P4-2 Phased Array transducer

The Siemens P4-2 Phased Array transduces images at 1.8 MHz. It is compatible with Siemens Sonoline G40 ultrasound systems and supports a range of cardiac, abdominal, obstetrics, and gynecology applications. A phased array probe offers a low frequency and smaller footprint that allows it to scan areas of limited volume. The resulting image features a broad beam on top and narrow beam on the bottom. This helps doctors diagnose under-rib cage organs and structures. This probe is also useful in abdominal scanning, urological examination, and obstetrics.
The Siemens P4-2 Phased Array transduces images of pipelines and other objects using a unique technology called phased array. It has a frame with magnetic wheels and a spring that holds the probe in contact with a pipe or object. The probe is equipped with a wet area where the sound wave passes through the object. The result is a detailed image of the structure. Phased arrays require more complex diagnostic equipment, and technicians must have more training and experience than conventional UT technicians.Siemens Acuson G40 Ultrasound Probe

Compatible Linear/ Convex/ Rectal Ultrasound probe

With a new series of linear, convex, and recurrent rectal ultrasound probes, Siemens is expanding its product line. The new ACUSON NX2 offers advanced imaging capabilities with integrated legacy technologies. Other features include a Barcode reader and QuickStart software. Its compact form factor and cost-efficiency make it a smart choice for the entire ultrasound lab.
The EC9-4 a model features a smaller footprint and multiple frequency ranges. It is suitable for abdominal, rectal, and gynecological imaging. Its high-resolution imaging provides clear images and is capable of fitting through body sphincters. Its advanced features allow it to work with other major brands of ultrasound equipment.
As part of Siemens’ MyLab series, the G40 is compatible with all major linear, convex, and recurrent rectal ultrasound probes. The Acuson G40 is compatible with most major brands and uses 64-channel system architecture. It has a high-resolution imaging system, tissue enhancement, and Doppler imaging. Its advanced features include tissue enhancement imaging, high-resolution ultrasound, and real-time adaptive algorithm.
This transducer has a frequency range of seven to three MHz. The Acuson 7V3C uses a sector ultrasound transducer probe. The device is useful for pediatric cardiac applications. Its high-resolution imaging features can be useful for transthoracic, abdominal, and fetal cardiac stress echo. It can also be used for internal mammary artery imaging.

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