Where Can I Buy a Compatible Toshiba SSA-140A Ultrasound Transducer?
2022-07-21 ·
11:31 AM
Toshiba SSA-140A Ultrasound Transducer
If you are looking for a high quality and compatible Ultrasound Transducer for your Toshiba SSA-140A probe, then you have come to the right place. The Toshiba PVF-375MT Ultrasound Transducer has undergone rigorous tests at an ISO 13485-2016 accredited laboratory. Moreover, the probe is supplied with a 180-day warranty. Besides, it also comes with a standard TEE tester kit, which will make it more convenient for you to conduct TEE tests at home.Toshiba SSA-140A Ultrasound Transducer

Cidex(r) compatible soak tray

The Cidex(r) compatible soak tray is the perfect solution to disinfect a probe and other heat-sensitive semi-critical medical devices. The disinfectant is odorless and requires no activation or mixing, making it ideal for use immediately after cleaning. The tray can be used immediately after cleaning and disinfecting a probe, but care must be taken to ensure proper ventilation and protective equipment.Toshiba SSA-140A Ultrasound Transducer

Standard TEE tester kit

The Intersocietal Accreditation Commission (IAC) recommends performing electrical leakage tests on TEE probes before each use. These tests allow sonographers and technicians to check for shielding defects and repair them if needed. Failing to perform these tests can result in high repair costs. Where can I buy a compatible TOSHIBA SSA-140A probe for standard TEE tester kit?
A standard TEE tester kit contains a leakage tester, conductivity probe, and a Cidex(r)-compatible soak tray. To use a standard TEE tester kit with an ultrasound, you will need to purchase an adapter. These adapters are sold separately. You will need to find the right adapter for your specific ultrasound system.


The warranty period for TOSHIBA SSA-140A probe is one year. This probe is compatible with other brands of B-type ultrasound probes. The manufacturer provides free shipping to all customers within the European Union. Customers outside of the European Union can opt for free shipping if they purchased the probe from TAEC U.S. A warranty for this probe cannot be obtained if you purchased it outside of the European Union.
To obtain the warranty, you must return the product in its original packaging and within the specified time. The original packaging should include anti-static bag, foam inserts, and shipping carton. The original packaging should not contain any extra labels or stickers, as these will interfere with the serial number. Upon receiving your probe, it is important to carefully unpack it to avoid damage to the product. Toshiba is not responsible for the loss of any data or files.


To match the ultrasound system of your choice, you should use a compatible probe. Toshiba offers many options for ultrasound transducers, including the PVF-503NT linear ultrasound probe. This probe has several different uses, including deep vascular exploration and obstetrics. It is compatible with both Toshiba SSA-340A and SSA-140A ultrasound systems. Here are some of the most common types of probes available.

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