Where Can I Buy a Compatible Toshiba SSA-580A Probe?
2022-07-21 ·
2:49 PM
Toshiba SSA-580A Probe
The Toshiba SSA-580A ultrasound probe is a diagnostic ultrasound device. It includes 2 probes and a printer. Depending on the model, you can purchase additional probes or a replacement altogether. Read on to learn more about the probe and where to buy one. Listed below are some important facts to keep in mind when purchasing a replacement:

SSA-580A probe functions and features

The SSA-580A ultrasound probe is a diagnostic portable ultrasound instrument, containing 2 probes and a printer. It features an integrated arbitrary/function generator and is designed to simulate sensor signals. This device also features a range of predefined waveforms up to 50 MHz, including sine, square, pulse, ramp/triangle, DC, and tunable. The probes also offer noise, Gaussian, exponential rise/fall, and Haversine waveforms.Toshiba SSA-580A Probe
Designed to accumulate into the tissue targeted for imaging, the SSA-580A probe minimizes perturbation to the targeted tissue. It also minimizes pharmacological effects. Its sensitivity are essential for effective molecular imaging. For this reason, SSA-580A has many unique features. These include: (a) low dose requirements and high sensitivity. This probe also has an optional RF remote control.Toshiba SSA-580A Probe

SSA-580A probe replacement

If you are in need of a probe for your Toshiba SSA-580A ultrasound machine, you can buy one from a variety of online sources. This ultrasound machine comes with two probes and a printer. To get the most reliable product, you should purchase it from a reputable source. You may also exchange it for a new one if the original one does not work properly.

SSA-580A probe price

The price of a compatible TOSHIBA SSA-580 A probe is comparatively cheaper than those of its competitors. These probes are compatible with the entire range of Toshiba ultrasound machines. There are many types of ultrasound probes available, including linear, endovaginal and convex. You can also buy the probe separately from the manufacturer. This way, you can save money and have a probe of your own.

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