Where Can I Buy a Compatible Toshiba SSA-750A Probe?
2022-07-21 ·
2:42 PM
Toshiba SSA-750A Probe
If you are thinking of buying a replacement for the SSA-750A probe but aren’t sure where to go, read this article. The following article will tell you where to find one that is in good working and cosmetic condition. If you are in the market for a new probe, consider the PVT-375BT, which is a convex probe with a curved piezoelectric crystal organization.Toshiba SSA-750A Probe

SSA-750A probe is in good working and cosmetic condition

This used Toshiba SSA-750A ultrasound probe is in good working and cosmetic condition. It is part of the Aplio XV diagnostic ultrasound system. It features PVT-385BT and PLT-1204AT transducers and was removed from a working medical facility. It powers on and displays a System Error. The control board, keyboard, and screen are all in excellent condition. Transducers have been tested on another unit and are in working order. The cables and connectors are also in great condition with only minor cosmetic flaws. The Toshiba ultrasound machine comes with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee.Toshiba SSA-750A Probe

PVT-375BT probe is a convex probe with a curved piezoelectric crystal organization

The PVT-375BT is a converx ultrasound probe with a curved piezo-electric crystal organization, ideal for abdominal and gynecological examinations. The probes are available in multiple frequencies and provide a larger field of view. This probe works with several ultrasound machines.

PVT-750BT probe is a curved probe

The PVT-750BT ultrasound probe is a curved version of the same probe used on the TOSHIBA SSA-750A machine. This probe provides a wider field of view, curved piezoelectric crystal organization, and multiple broad-band frequencies. This curved probe is a useful addition for various gynecological and obstetrical settings.

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