Where Can I Buy Compatible GE LOGIQ P6 Probes?
2022-06-22 ·
5:16 PM
GE LOGIQ P6 Probes
Where can I buy a replacement GE LOGIQ(r) P6 probe? Here’s a list of some of the best options. You can also check out the buy-back program to get your old probe repaired. Enterprise Ultrasound, for example, offers lens and probe repairs. And if your probe doesn’t work, they can also buy it from you for a discounted price.GE LOGIQ P6 Probes

GE BE9CS-D MicroConvex Bi-Plane Ultrasound Probe

The GE BE9CS-D MicroConvexe Bi-Plane Ultrasound Probe is a rectal ultrasound transducer for select GE Logiq P-series ultrasound machines. Its dual-frequency transducers produce a high-quality, sharp ultrasound image. This ultrasound probe also has a wide-band pulse and multiple selectable fundamental and harmonic frequencies. In addition to its multiple use cases, the probe is remarkably robust and durable.
It’s compact design allows for an easy portability and versatile application. The GE BE9CS-D MicroConvex Bi-Plane Ultrasound Probe is an ideal option for doctors who want the ultimate image quality. It features a 23-inch LCD monitor and offers XDclear high-performance probes for superior imaging resolution and penetration. It is also compatible with a variety of ultrasound systems.
The Logiq P5 premium BT11 version was released in 2011, and it’s still in production today. It has been enhanced with new features including TVI and Stress Echo. It’s also highly stable and was one of the best-selling GE ultrasound units. Its high-quality, affordable price makes it a great value for money. You’ll be pleased with the results you get with this ultrasound probe.
This ultrahigh-resolution biplane ultrasound probe is equipped with advanced technology, including the multi-parametric approach to prostate management. GE Healthcare has long been a leader in developing innovative technologies for urology, which increase diagnostic confidence, facilitate treatment planning, and simplify guidance stages. GE’s LOGIQ* series is a broad range of ultrasound devices, consoles, and software suites to meet the needs of diversified clinical environments.GE LOGIQ P6 Probes


The GE LOGIQ(r) P8 and P9 systems require approved probes. They cannot be used with the LOGIQ(r) P7, P6 or P8 probes. For the left-most port, insert the S1-5 or S4-10 probe. The right-most port is for the “__-D” probe. If the pin of the probe is bent, the GE Service Representative will repair it or replace it for you. Be sure to turn the locking handle of the probe connector to secure the connection.
The GE LOGIQ(r) E9 color Doppler ultrasound device detects a system error or an invalid hardware configuration. When this occurs, the GE LOGIQ E9 ultrasound system automatically restarts. This protective restart indicates a hardware fault. The faulty part is re-enabled after the software has been removed. If the problem still persists, replace the probe.
If you’re looking for a probe for the GE LOGIQ(r) E9 ultrasound system, you can find one with the same brand name. The P6 is a universal, shared service ultrasound system. The P5 offers 4D obstetric imaging and 29 compatible transducers. The P6 features a 15-inch LCD monitor with a full-size keyboard. The P6 has a wide range of modes and is easy to move from department to department. The E9 system also comes with pre-configured software and can export images through the DICOM hospital network.
When you’re in need of a compatible probe, don’t settle for a generic one. Only use a GE-approved probe. Make sure that your device’s specifications meet the IEC/EN 60601-1-1 standard. This is an important requirement because it can result in data loss if the device’s USB connection is not properly maintained. Further, make sure the USB cable is not longer than three meters.
A damaged probe can affect the accuracy of the scan. If the probe is not compatible with the GE LOGIQ(r) P6, you may be burning the transmitter board. The BT15 version includes a faulty Voluson E8 integrated transmitter-receiver board. If the Voluson E8 is not functioning properly, there is no image within the scanning area. The RFM is responsible for connecting the front and rear of the scanner and for signal digital-to-analog conversion.

GE LOGIQ(r) P6 transducer

If you have a GE LOGIQ(r) P6, you may be wondering where to buy a compatible GE LOGIQ(r) probe. It’s important to note that all GE LOGIQ probes are prone to interference in color Doppler mode. Before you purchase a probe, however, you should learn to backup your data regularly.
GE offers a wide range of ultrasound probes that are compatible with its Logiq P3 and P5 systems. The P stands for performance, and is considered an entry-level General Imaging line. It provides high-quality imaging for a variety of diagnostic applications. To find a compatible probe, read the GE LOGIQ P6 probe guide. This will help you determine the best probe for your specific system.
GE LOGIQ E9 peripherals must be securely mounted to the device. GE is not responsible for images that are lost or damaged. You cannot attach AC-powered peripherals to the LOGIQ E9, such as a printer. Also, USB printer cables must be less than three meters in length. In addition, GE does not guarantee that a compatible LOGIQ probe will work in the same system.
If the GE LOGIQ E9 color Doppler ultrasound device reports “system error” or “invalid hardware configuration” when operating, it will automatically restart to protect itself from further damage. You can resolve the fault by uninstalling the software or by performing a system rebuild. When the GE LOGIQ P6 probe fails, the corresponding signal processing channel board must be replaced as well.
If the BT15 version of your device has a defective Voluson E8 board, replace it. The BT15 version of this probe has an integrated transmitter and receiver board that is responsible for signal digital-to-analog conversion. A damaged Voluson E8 will cause no image to be generated in the scanning area. Ensure that the RFM is working properly because the signal is unable to pass through its signal if it’s not functioning properly.

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