Where Can I Buy Compatible GE VIVID E Probes?
2022-06-22 ·
5:41 PM
If you are searching for a replacement for a GE VIVID E probe, you have come to the right place. In this article, we’ll cover the differences between this and the GE 3S-RS probe. You can also read about the GE 4C-RS probe. GE offers both probes at an affordable price. To order one, follow the instructions below.

GE 3S-RS probe

GE’s 7S-RS ultrasound transducer is compatible with the GE Vivid q, i, S5, and S6 ultrasound machines. It features a sector array, M-Mode, and PW & CW doppler. It is also compatible with the GE Voluson e. GE’s E8C-RS ultrasound probe is compatible with a number of other machines.
The GE 3SC-RS ultrasound transducer is a 29% upgrade over the 3S-RS, but it is also compatible with the GE Vivid e and Logiq P9 ultrasound machines. Both have a 1.4 MHz frequency. In addition, the 3SC-RS ultrasound transducer’s heat dissipation is improved, allowing it to transmit more power.
GE’s 3S-RS cardiac probe is the industry’s most versatile imaging technology. It is capable of both abdominal and cardiac scanning and comes with a 1.5 to 4 MHz transducer. This portable ultrasound machine also features Speckle Reduction imaging and GE image optimization technologies. If you’re considering a purchase of a refurbished 3S-RS probe, it’s important to know the features it offers.GE VIVID E Probes

GE 4C-RS probe

A curved array ultrasound transducer is the most common type of ultrasound transducer used in abdominal applications. The GE 4C-RS model is compatible with GE’s Logiq i and GE’s Voluson e. This ultrasound transducer offers a large field of view (58 degrees), multiple broad band frequencies, and a 2-.5.5-MHz bandwidth. It is designed to work in a variety of medical settings and is ideal for pediatric and gynecology applications.

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