Where Can I Buy Compatible Hitachi EUB-6000s Probes?
2022-06-23 ·
2:37 PM
Hitachi EUB-6000s Probes
In this article, you will find information about Where to buy a Replacement ultrasound transducer for the Hitachi EUB-6000s probe. This article also discusses the Safety precautions to keep in mind when purchasing a replacement ultrasound transducer for your ultrasound device. Read on for more information! Here, you will find information about the Price quote, the product’s specifications and safety concerns.

Replacement ultrasound transducer for Hitachi EUB-6000s probe

Replace your damaged or deteriorated ultrasound transducer with a new one. There are some factors to keep in mind when replacing a transducer. Poor storage can lead to cross-contamination between patients, as well as physical damage. Probes should be stored in a cool, dry environment, away from ultraviolet light sources and temperature extremes. For optimal performance, you should keep your probe in a dry location and replace it when needed.
First, you should check for strain relief issues. Strain relief issues affect the quality of the ultrasound image. It will cause artifacts and noise to appear on images. You should also check for broken cables. If these problems are serious, you must have a new probe. If your ultrasound probe is out of warranty, you should consider getting a new one. In addition, ultrasound technicians often sell used probes and can repair them at a reduced cost.
Damage to the crystals of your ultrasound probe is caused by several factors. Dropout can be caused by wearing, dropping, or hitting it against foreign objects. A weakened crystal state causes loss of pattern waves. These “dropouts” show up as black lines on an image. These dropouts are typically due to dead elements and weak or thin light in the transducer. They do not affect the diagnosis, but they do give an indication that a certain element is damaged.
Another problem with the probe is a leak. This problem is most commonly found on Voluson ultrasound machines. Oftentimes, the leak isn’t visible by using a resonator, but you can check to see if it’s leaking. To confirm whether the transducer is leaking, turn the gain up and hold it down for 30 seconds. The image will appear as waves and then black due to gravity. If the leak is causing the shadowed image, then the transducer needs to be replaced.
Another benefit of reconditioned ultrasound probes is the fact that you can get a replacement ultrasound transducer at repair pricing. A reconditioned ultrasound transducer undergoes a 20-point inspection before leaving the warehouse. This means the cost of a replacement ultrasound transducer is approximately half that of a new OEM model. In addition, exchange pricing is often flat, so you can exchange your damaged ultrasound transducer for a brand new one at the same price as the replacement part. In addition, we regularly update our inventory with new models. Plus, overnight shipping is available for replacement ultrasound probes.
Replacement ultrasound transducer for Hitachi EUb-6000s probe

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