Where Can I Buy Compatible Landwind Mirror 2 Pro Probe?
2022-07-22 ·
11:58 AM
Landwind Mirror 2 Pro Probe
If you’re looking for a new ultrasound probe, you’ve likely come to the right place. Here are some things to consider: compatibility, 4D capabilities, cost, and reliability. After reading this article, you should be ready to make a purchase. Read on to learn more! And don’t forget to check out our buyer’s guide to see what you should be looking for.Landwind Mirror 2 Pro Probe

4D capabilities

The Landwind Mirror 2 Pro ultrasound system delivers solid image quality and multiple measurement packages. It offers advanced 4D capabilities as well as cardiac measurement tools. Its Dual Live Display feature can display both the grayscale reference image and the color Doppler image. Its PIHI feature enhances overall image uniformity and improves contrast sensitivity. Regardless of your training level, you will find this ultrasound system useful.
This ultrasound probe features an 80/128 element multi-frequency probe, 8-segment TGC, embedded PC, and a 10″ non-interlaced screen. It has stability, connectivity, real-time magnification, and geometry position precision. It also offers powerful storage for up to 1024 cine loop frames. In addition to this, it also features a 12.1-inch colour LCD display with adjustable scan angles. This unit is Windows XP oeration and is compatible with a variety of imaging applications.
The all-digital architecture of the Mirror 2 delivers outstanding performance and a smooth workflow. The advanced image processing technology makes it ideal for various clinical settings, delivering exceptional images and reducing physician fatigue. In addition, it offers a user-friendly touchscreen interface and customizable panel. Lastly, the Mirror 2 Pro offers four-dimensional imaging in a single ultrasound system, and can be used by physicians, physicists, and patients alike.Landwind Mirror 2 Pro Probe


The Landwind Mirror 2 pro ultrasound system is a reliable, stable and versatile piece of medical equipment. It puts high-end ultrasound technology into the hands of private practitioners. Its features include a dual-live display that shows both a grayscale reference image and a color Doppler image. It has a ten-inch high-resolution monitor and foldaway keyboard for ease of use. It also offers cine review and full measurement software packages. It also offers high-resolution storage capacity and a wide FOV.

Replacement probes

If you need to replace your mirrors, you should consider purchasing the Landwind Mirror 2 pro replacement probes. The probes are available in a set of four and come with installation hardware and a detailed instruction manual. If you’re replacing a mirror, you should pay close attention to the instructions and make sure they fit your vehicle correctly. The probes are not easy to remove, so you should remove the convex mirror first.

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