Where Can I Buy Compatible MEDISON SA X4 probe
2022-06-24 ·
5:03 PM
The Medison SA X4 is a console ultrasound machine that is used for internal medicine, OB/GYN, and cardiovascular applications. It is compatible with a wide variety of ultrasound probes. It is also available for shared service, so it is easier to replace the probes when needed. In addition, the system can be used with various probes, including the Samsung SonoAce X4 probe. Both systems use the same probes, and Samsung ultrasound systems are compatible with both the Medison SA X4 and the Samsung SonoAce X4. However, the latter is cheaper and easier to replace. You may not be able to return the probe, but if you do, you’ll have to pay a restocking fee of 20%.MEDISON SA X4 probe

EC4-9/10R probe

EC4-9/10R ultrasound probe is a micro-convex endocavity ultrasound transducer designed with a minimal footprint. It fits into the body orifices and is used to aid internal clinical examinations. It can also be used by urologists to diagnose problems in the urinary tract and rectal tract. It also features a 20% restocking fee and is compatible with various Medison ultrasound systems.
The features of this product are listed below. The prices mentioned are only a guide to its maximum capabilities and are subject to change. Please contact the manufacturer for more detailed pricing information. The following items are intended to give consumers a general idea of the product’s capabilities. Listed prices may not include all of these features. It is important to contact the manufacturer to ensure the correct price.MEDISON SA X4 probe

EC4 probe

If you’re considering purchasing a new ultrasound machine, you should consider using a compatible Medison ultrasound probe. These probes are certified and designed for specific Medison ultrasound systems. The company offers many different types of probes for this device, including convex, linear, endocavity, and phased array. You can also connect specialty probes, such as those for cardiovascular and women’s health.

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