Where Can I Buy Compatible MEDISON SA8000LV Probe?
2022-06-24 ·
4:59 PM
If you’re looking for a replacement ultrasound probe for your Medison SA8000LV ultrasound machine, Broadsound has a replacement model that is substantially equivalent to the OEM model. The new model is the EC4-9/10ED-N. In this article, you’ll learn how to choose between this probe and a compatible replacement. You’ll also find out which features the new probe has over its OEM counterpart.MEDISON SA8000LV Probe

Broadsound new ultrasound replacement model is substantially equivalent to its corresponding OEM model

A new ultrasound transducer from Broadsound Corporation is substantially equivalent to an OEM model. This replacement model is compatible with OEM ultrasound systems with Trapezoid Image Mode and support for OEM transducers. The manufacturer recommends that users buy this model instead of an OEM ultrasound system if they need to replace a transducer. The manufacturer offers warranty coverage for the replacement transducer.MEDISON SA8000LV Probe

EC4-9/10ED-N model

The SA8000LV ultrasound transducer includes a curved EC4-9/10ED-N micro convex endocavity probe. The probe’s ultra-minimal footprint makes it a flexible option for a variety of internal clinical exams. Gynecologists and urologists use it to diagnose and examine the uterus. Its advanced features allow them to examine and diagnose a wide range of problems related to the urinary tract.

C2-5EL-N model

If you’re planning to purchase a new ultrasound probe for your MEDISON SA8000LV ultrasound system, you may be wondering what types of models are available. While most ultrasound probes are compatible with Medison ultrasound machines, there are some exceptions. If you are unsure which probe will work with your machine, read on to learn about the differences between these models. The C2-5EL-N ultrasound probe is an example of a curved array transducer. Its wide footprint and multiple broad-band frequencies make it an excellent choice for pediatric and gynecological use. It can be used in various diagnostic settings and for multiple scans.

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