Where Can I Buy Compatible philips HD9 probe
2022-06-28 ·
4:05 PM
philips HD9 probe
If you are looking for a compatible ultrasound probe for your Medison HD9 or HD3, you can look no further. We have compiled some of the most popular options for you below. These include the C9-4EC curved ultrasound transducer, D2cwc pencil ultrasound transducer, and many more. Read on to learn more about each option and where to buy one of these.philips HD9 probe

C9-4EC Curved Ultrasound Transducer

The compatible Philips HD9 C9-4EC curved ultrasound transducer is an outstanding option for your imaging system. This high-quality probe is compatible with both the HD9 ultrasound system and the HD3 ultrasound system. Its 10 mm radius of curvature, 150.3-degree field of view, and multiple image modes make it a versatile choice for endovaginal applications. The C9-4EC transducer is easy to operate and provides superior image quality. It’s ergonomic design and wide range of features make it an excellent choice for any healthcare provider.
The Philips HD9 ultrasound system features outstanding image quality and versatility for all types of women’s health applications. The system’s unique design optimizes for the particular transducer and exam type used, resulting in superior image quality with few time-consuming adjustments. Its advanced technology includes a piezoelectric crystal, which generates ultrasound waves. The piezoelectric crystal used in the original Philips HD9 transducer has been in use for over 40 years, but a new material improved the image quality.philips HD9 probe

D2cwc Pencil Ultrasound Transducer

The Philips D2cwc is a pencil ultrasound transducer used for cardiac applications. It has a 2 MHz frequency and continuous wave Doppler technology. It also features the Explora connector for exceptional broadband response and cable technology. The probe is in used condition but has undergone a rigorous test and rework process to meet the highest standards of manufacturer performance.

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