Where Can I Buy Compatible Samsung Accuvix XG Probes?
2022-06-27 ·
3:41 PM
Samsung Accuvix XG Probes
If you are in the market for a replacement probe for your samsung acuvix XG, you are probably wondering: Where can I buy a compatible samsung acuvixia XG probe? This article will answer your questions about the BP-KIT-030 Component Biopsy Adapter, the XI VOCAL probe, and the refurbished Accuvix XG probe.Samsung Accuvix XG Probes

BP-KIT-030 Component Biopsy Adapter

The BP-KIT-030 Composition Biopsy Adapter for the Samsung Accuvix XG probe enables use of a standard component biopsy needle for the Accuvix XG system. The adapter allows for use of the Accuvix XG probe for all vascular sites, including cancerous tumors. It works with any probe that has a threaded connector. The probe uses electrical energy and can result in electric shocks if it touches conductive materials. In order to prevent this, the user should check the device’s housing for damage or breakage. Also, it should never be used when the probe housing has been damaged or is corroded. In addition, the product should be isolated before cleaning. In addition, before applying a
The BP-KIT-030 Composition and Performance: The device has a low temperature for optimum probe operation. It is safe for use in the US, EU, and Japan. It is compatible with the Accuvix XG ultrasound probe, which is available for purchase separately. The probe can be used in the 2D/C mode. The device has a built-in thermal protection fuse and a circuit to protect the device from overheating. The temperature of the device for direct contact with patients is 43degC.
BP-KIT-030 Composition Biopsy Adapter for the Accuvix XG ultrasound machine features an ergonomic design, a high-resolution 19-inch HD LCD, and advanced imaging features. The refurbished Accuvix XG ultrasound machine is an excellent choice for women’s health ultrasound. Its ergonomic interface, 19-inch HD LCD, and advanced 3D diagnostic utilities ensure an excellent ultrasound experience.
To disinfect the BP-KIT-030 Composition Biopsy Adapter for Samsung Accuvix X-G Probe, first disconnect the Adapter from the System and remove the sheath. Then, dampen the Probe with mild soap or a compatible cleaning solution and rinse the device up to the level of immersion. Then, wipe dry with a clean towel.Samsung Accuvix XG Probes

XI VOCAL Optimize XI VOCAL data

The XI VOCAL enables the doctor to view a 3D volume image of an object in a parallel fashion, which can facilitate more precise analysis of the complex objects and irregular structures. Its Multi-Slice View feature transforms the volume data captured during regular ultrasound scans into a series of parallel images with an interval of 0.5 to 5 millimeters. Other imaging modes include the Oblique View, which displays the three-dimensional volume data in various planes of view, while Mirror View depicts the same image in a right, left, and overhead orientation. This feature allows for easier diagnosis of fetal spine abnormalities and hand and foot malformations.


Developed for the best image quality, automation, and design, the Accuvix XG is an exceptional ultrasound imaging system. Its new features let users look beyond the limitations of prior imaging technology. As patients and physicians become more knowledgeable, systems also become smarter. For example, the new Dynamic MR Plus 2.0 technology was designed to reduce speckle echoes and enhance gray-scale resolution, making it the best solution for superficial structures.
The latest Samsung Accuvix A30 Ultrasound System delivers state-of-the-art imaging with advanced proprietary features like ElastoScan. It also features the world’s first 21.5-inch LED monitor. It is an affordable alternative to the Accuvix XG probe. Both systems offer uncompromising image quality and user-friendly features. Moreover, the A30 comes with a 21.5-inch large-screen LED monitor, making it easier for users to view images. The Accuvix A30 also features an ergonomic design and offers advanced automation.
The Accuvix XG is Samsung’s most advanced ultrasound system before the Accuvix A30 was introduced. It was intended to replace the Accuvix XQ and was capable of full cardiac scans and 4D OBGYN imaging. Medison has been in the 4D ultrasound business longer than any other company. The Voluson 730 was produced by Medison before it was acquired by GE.

refurbished samsung samsung Accuvix XG probe

If you’re looking for a high-quality ultrasound probe that is still under warranty, a refurbished Samsung Accuvix XG is a good option. Refurbished devices have all the same features as brand-new machines, and are made with the same advanced functionality and design. They even have a touchscreen for easy navigation. Here are some reasons to choose a refurbished device.
The Accuvix XG ultrasound machine is a solid mid-range option. Its 4D imaging capability is impressive, and it offers excellent 2D, 3D, and 4D image quality. It also offers advanced 3D diagnostic utilities. And, at a much lower price than more expensive 4D ultrasound machines, the Accuvix XG is a smart purchase.

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