Where Can I Buy Compatible Sonoscape s11 probe.
2022-07-21 ·
3:33 PM
Sonoscape s11 probe
The new SonoScape S11 trolley color Doppler ultrasound system redefines practicality, affordability, and ease of use. Combined with the new software platform, this ultrasound system makes ultrasound workflow and file management easier than ever. Here’s how to use the new ultrasound system:Sonoscape s11 probe

Sonoscape s11 probe

The latest generation of trolley color Doppler ultrasound machines redefines price, performance, and practicality. This system offers ease of use and integrated new software that enables seamless workflow and easy file management. Its comprehensive and universal compatibility with an extensive range of transducers allows you to select the best probe for your specific needs. For added ease of use and compatibility, you can also purchase optional accessories such as a portable battery and a carrying case.
The S11 probe comes with speckle reduction technology to help you make a diagnosis more quickly. Speckle reduction technology enhances image quality and improves diagnostic accuracy. The probe also includes new user-definable pre-sets and intelligent data management. All these features provide a seamless experience for any user, whether they’re performing a routine exam or conducting research. The new probe is designed to meet the needs of medical professionals and provide a high-quality, cost-effective solution for a diagnostic ultrasound practice.
As the world’s first comprehensive scanning mode, the S11 is designed to meet the diverse needs of gynecology, urology, and prostate imaging. It also features temperature detection technology, which prolongs its service life and extends your capabilities. It has a user-friendly operation panel, advanced imaging technology, and a specialized OB/GYN software package.

Sonoscape 6v5 Stainless Steel Biopsy Needle Guide

SonoScape 6v5 Stainless Steel Biopsy Needles are a reusable needle guide that allows you to direct minimally invasive instruments, including catheters and needles. They are stainless steel and accept 18GA instruments. The guide is designed for optimal comfort and safety and can be used repeatedly. The guide is not sterile, but should be sterilized following the CIVCO User’s Guide before each use. This reusable needle guide reduces your learning curve and provides a safe, convenient way to obtain lesions in hard-to-reach areas.
The guide uses medical stainless steel, which is more corrosion-resistant than ordinary steel. It is rust-proof and suitable for various high-temperature sterilization methods. It features an angle-locking positioning hole to ensure that the direction of puncture matches the guideline. Its short axis has undergone rigorous accuracy testing, and its integral, large-part design eliminates the risk of missing small parts. It also features reinforced joints and connections for additional safety.

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