Where Can I Buy Compatible TOSHIBA Aplio XG probe
2022-07-21 ·
2:40 PM
TOSHIBA Aplio XG probe
There are many reasons to choose the Toshiba Aplio XG ultrasound machine. Not only does it offer good image quality for OB/GYN and cardiac imaging, but it also offers 3D/4D options. Providian Medical offers free price quotes for used Toshiba Aplio XG ultrasound machines. You can find out more about the specifications of this ultrasound machine by contacting us today.

PVT-375BT probe

The PVT-375BT probe is a high-quality, convex ultrasound transducer designed for gynecological/obstetric use. With a frequency range of 1,9 to 6 MHz, it offers an impressive field of view. The probe can be used with different ultrasound machines. The Toshiba aplio XG ultrasound machine provides clinical performance and unique clinically proven technologies. Its unique features and capabilities help you get the most out of the imaging technology available.TOSHIBA Aplio XG probe

PVT-25AT probe

Aplio XG PVT-25 AT ultrasound probe is a suitable replacement for Toshiba Aplio XG 50 (SS). The PVT-25AT has a 2.5 MHz frequency range and is compatible with Aplio XG SS. Its multi-frequency function can display high and low blood flow. The unit is made of piezoelectric ceramics, with lead wires connecting the electrodes. The probe produces several ultrasonic pulses by exciting different layers of piezoelectric materials. The digital coding process ensures that the probe produces multiple frequencies.
Compared to the new Toshiba Aplio XG, the refurbished Toshiba Aplio XG ultrasound machine is an excellent buy. The used machine offers the same advanced functionality and low price as a new one. It also offers free demonstrations. For more information, contact MedCorp. We will be happy to help you find the best used Toshiba ultrasound machine. Just fill out the online form for a quote and we will contact you shortly.TOSHIBA Aplio XG probe

PVT-382BT probe

This Toshiba Aplio XG ultrasound probe is compatible with the Aplio MX, Aplio 550, and Aplio 500. It is compatible with the Aplio MX and the Aplio XG, as well as the SSA-780A and SSA-660A transducers. It has the same size footprint and frequency range as the convex probe, but is optimized for use in pediatric and infant applications. The PVT-382BT transducer also works well with vascular and abdominal scans of children.

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