Where Can I Buy Compatible Toshiba JustVision Probes?
2022-07-21 ·
2:56 PM
Toshiba JustVision Probes
If you’ve ever wondered how to replace the probe in your Toshiba JustVision monitor, you’re not alone. You can find a wide variety of Toshiba probes to fit a variety of models. To find the exact replacement probe for your Toshiba, read the following article. You’ll find information on the features of the SSA-220 and 3.75 MHz probes. You can also find other probe models for similar Toshiba monitors.Toshiba JustVision Probes


Toshiba recently unveiled a new ultrasound scanner, the JustVision 200. Weighing in at just 16 kilograms, it can be easily moved from one room to another, enabling it to be placed on a cart or trolley without requiring much space. The company has introduced both linear and convex transducers for various applications, including abdominal, cardiovascular, and superficial applications. The convex probes offer the convenience of switching between three different frequencies for a wide-range of conditions.Toshiba JustVision Probes

3.75 MHz

If you are wondering where to buy a compatible Toshiba Justvision probe at 3.75 MHz, then you’re not alone. In fact, the ToshibaPVG-366M probe is a 3.75 MHz dual-frequency transducer that is compatible with the Justvision 200, 400, and Capsee. And, of course, the cost of these ultrasound probes is very reasonable. And, as you’ll see, it comes with a warranty of 90 days.


If you’re interested in obtaining an ultrasound probe that works well with the SSA-220 ultrasound system from Toshiba, you’ll want to check out the PLG-308P, which offers a 3.0 to 3.05 MHz frequency. This probe is compatible with Toshiba’s Justvision 200, 400, and Capsee systems. It also comes with a 90-day warranty.
This SSA-220 compatible TOSHIBA JUSTVISION ultrasound probe can be used with the JUSTVISION system, a whole-body color imaging system. The system uses a convex, annular, linear, and phased array transducers to provide superior images. It also has transducers for peripheral vascular and small parts. It is also equipped with an electronic sector probe and linear probe. Its display modes include Continuous wave doppler, pulse doppler, and color.


If you are looking for a compatible transducer for your Toshiba ultrasound machine, you’ve come to the right place. Toshiba ultrasound probes are designed for use with the JustVision system and offer a frequency range of 5.0, 6.0, and 7.0 MHz. If you need an exact replacement, Toshiba has a variety of transducers available for sale. These probes are compatible with Toshiba’s JustVision and SSA-220 ultrasound machines.

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