Where Can I Buy Compatible Toshiba SSA-350A Ultrasound Probes?
2022-07-21 ·
3:27 PM
Toshiba SSA-350A Ultrasound Probes
Looking for a replacement ultrasound probe? You have come to the right place. In this article, we’ll discuss the PVF-641VT and PLM-703AT ultrasound probes and how you can find one that works with your Toshiba SSA-350A ultrasound scanner. We’ll also discuss Corevision ultrasound systems and how you can replace these devices with a compatible one.Toshiba SSA-350A Ultrasound Probes

SSA-350A probe

If you are looking for a replacement probe for your Toshiba ultrasound machine, you should look at the Toshiba PVF-375AT ultrasound probe. This model features a frequency of 3.75MHz and works well with Toshiba SSA-350A and SSA-340A ultrasound machines. It is a convex probe that offers the same image quality as the original probe. Toshiba also makes a SSA-350A probe that is compatible with the Ecocee.Toshiba SSA-350A Ultrasound Probes


Compared to the standard transducers, the micro convex endocavity ultrasound transducer, or PVF-641VT, is smaller and has a greater frequency range. This makes it ideal for examining internal organs and fits in the sphincters of the body. Those who perform gynecological or obstetric examinations will greatly benefit from this probe, as well as urologists and obstetricians.


The Toshiba PLM-703AT Ultrasound Probe is a 33mm device with a 7 MHz frequency. It provides superior image quality compared to the original probe. This compatible ultrasound probe is designed for the Nemio 10/20/30/35, XG, and PLM-703AT. It can also be used for other diagnostic procedures, such as locomotive syndrome examination, intraoperative ultrasound, and body fat thickness measurement.

Corevision Ultrasound Systems

The Toshiba SSA-350A probe is available in several variants and includes a digital color display. This shared service system is suitable for use in vascular, abdominal, cardiology and OB/GYN applications. Unlike the older models, this probe can be used by both clinicians and patients. To maximize your patient’s comfort and convenience, the probe comes with several modes of display.
Transoesophageal, pencil, and internal probes are designed for specific bodily orifices. The latter are best for examining blood movement and are more specialized. Lastly, there are other types of probes for specific medical uses, such as the TEE and phased array. While most machines come with standard probes, advanced systems feature different kinds of probes.

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