Where Can I Buy Compatible TOSHIBA SSA-700A probe.
2022-07-21 ·
2:47 PM
TOSHIBA SSA-700A probe
If you have a Toshiba Xario ultrasound system, you might be wondering if you can use the same Aplio 50 (SSA-700A) probe. The good news is that they are compatible! Read on to learn how this probe works, and where to buy them. Below is a brief overview of the main features of each one. If you’d like to buy one for your own ultrasound system, check out our list of recommended brands.

Convex probe

If you’re looking to purchase a compatible TOSHIBA SSA-700AC convex probe, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re doing gynecological/obstetric exams or abdominal examinations, the PVT-375BT convex probe offers a wide field of view and broad-band multiple frequencies. Compatible with different ultrasound machines, this probe also allows for several diagnostic scans.

Piezoelectric crystal organization

The piezoelectric effect is a phenomenon characterized by the splitting of a charge across a crystal lattice by pressure. This phenomenon has many applications. Piezoelectric crystals are commonly used in ultrasound equipment, inkjet printers, microphones, speakers, and watches. Piezoelectric crystals are a form of crystal that can convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. Piezoelectric materials are composed of a variety of crystals, which are asymmetric and electrically neutral in structure.TOSHIBA SSA-700A probe
This phenomenon is characterized by certain types of crystalline materials that change shape when hit with electricity or squeezed. Scientists have been using these materials in ultrasound medical imaging for decades. They are sensitive to sound waves moving through tissue. The development of potent transparent piezoelectrics may lead to new applications in medical imaging. Invisible robots and touch screens could be created. Researchers are currently working to understand how to make these crystals more transparent, a breakthrough that could lead to better medical imagers.
During Voigt’s time, piezoelectricity was not a popular science. It required complex mathematics to define measurable quantities. The field was obscure even among crystallographers, so the first applications of piezoelectric crystals were not publically visible. By the 1950s, electro-magnetism had become a thriving industry, but piezoelectric crystals had remained hidden.
The time constant of a piezoelectric crystal depends on the rigidity of the adsorbed mass. Rigid materials are rigid and couple well with oscillating quartz, while softer ones have poor coupling. Thus, a rigid crystal has a longer decay time than a soft one. If the driving voltage is removed, the crystal returns to its original state. But the opposite is true for a soft crystal.


The Toshiba SSA-700A ultrasound probe, which is also known as the Applio 50, is a high-quality ultrasound system with good price-to-performance ratio. It is an excellent choice for medical facilities as it has a wide range of applications and functions. Here, we look at the key functions of this probe to better understand its benefits and features. Among all the features, it has the following functions:TOSHIBA SSA-700A probe


The TOSHIBA SSA-700A is compatible with most brands of ultrasound machines. Its advanced features help it achieve superior image quality and reduces the cost of purchasing a new ultrasound machine. Its unique design also allows it to fit in different body orifices, making it perfect for urologists to use when examining and diagnosing urinary tract or rectal problems.
This medical ultrasound probe can be compatible with many brands of medical equipment and is suitable for both clinical and research use. Its range of frequencies is 2MHz to 10MHz and its width is seven to 60mm. It is capable of performing various procedures in the medical field, including veterinary diagnostics, obstetrics, and gynecology. It features crisp images and a wide frequency band of 95% relative bandwidth.


Compatible TOSHIBA SSA-700A ultrasound probes can be found at retail and wholesale prices. They are available in linear cardiac frequency and can work with Aplio 50, Aplio SSA-700A, Xario SSA-660A, and others. These probes have the same image quality as original probes and are made by Toshiba. The prices of these ultrasound probes are comparable to those of the original ones, so you can expect excellent value for your money.

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