Where Can I Buy Compatible Toshiba SSA-790A Probe?
2022-07-21 ·
2:45 PM
Toshiba SSA-790A Probe
If you are looking to purchase a new probe, you may want to consider purchasing a compatible one. You may also want to consider the Toshiba PVT-375BT convexprobe for abdominal examinations. The Toshiba SSA-790A probe also works for gynecological/obstetric examinations. Read on to learn more about these transducers.

PLT-604AT linear probe

The PLT-604AT linear ultrasound probe from Toshiba offers more versatility in medical diagnostics and surgical procedures. Its higher frequency offers more resolution images and less penetration. It is used for vascular diagnosis, venipuncture, intraoperative procedures, and ultrasonic velocity change imaging. It is also useful in the peritoneum. It is easy to use and is compatible with the SSA-790A ultrasound system.Toshiba SSA-790A Probe

PLT-375BT convexprobe

There are several types of ultrasound probes available for your machine. You can buy a replacement probe that is compatible with the model you’re currently using. The PVT-375BT convexprobe is ideal for use in abdominal and gynecological examinations. This probe is available from various sources and comes with a warranty. This probe is compatible with many other brands and models, too.

Toshiba PVT-350BTP Curved Array transducer

The Toshiba PVT-350BTP Curve Array transducer features a wide frequency range from 1.9 MHz to 6.0 MHz for a range of applications, including intraoperative applications. The transducer is compatible with the Toshiba Aplio 300 (TUS-A300).

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