Where Can I Buy Compatible Toshiba TUS-A500 Probes?
2022-07-21 ·
11:33 AM
Toshiba TUS-A500 Probes
Looking for a replacement for your Toshiba TUS-A500 ultrasound probe? If so, you can find them online. You can find Transducer PLT-604AT, PLT-704AT, PVT-661VT, and PLT-375BT. Then, follow the instructions to install them in your device. You can purchase the replacement part online or at your nearest medical store.Toshiba TUS-A500 Probes

Transducer PLT-604AT

If you’re in need of a replacement probe for your Toshiba TUS-A500 ultrasound machine, you’ve come to the right place. There are several options available to you, including the PVT-375BT convex probe, which can be used for abdominal and gynecological examinations. To purchase the right probe for your Toshiba TUS-A500 machine, follow the tips below.


The Toshiba PLT-704AT linear transducer offers various benefits for various clinical examinations and diagnoses. Its higher frequency provides better resolution images and less penetration. Moreover, it can be used in different vascular diagnostic procedures, venipunctures, and intraoperative procedures. Its other benefits include blood vessel visualization, ultrasonic velocity change imaging, and peritoneal cavity imaging.Toshiba TUS-A500 Probes


If you’re having trouble finding the right probe for your Toshiba ultrasound system, you may want to purchase a compatible one. This specialized device is designed to help medical professionals with different diagnostic tests, including gynecological/obstetric examinations and vascular diagnosis. The PLT-604AT linear probe provides higher frequency acoustics for less penetration and higher resolution images. It can also be used in intraoperative procedures and for photoacoustic imaging.


A PLT-375BT compatible TOSHIBI TUS-A500 probe provides high-quality images and is priced affordably. Its frequency range offers less penetration and higher image resolution. Its applications span vascular diagnostics and venipuncture, intraoperative procedures, photoacoustic imaging, ultrasonic velocity change imaging, and peritoneal cavity imaging.


The PLT-604AT linear transducer is a versatile tool that is suitable for many different medical and surgical procedures. Its higher frequency can produce images with higher resolution and less penetration. Its many uses include vascular diagnosis, venipuncture, intraoperative procedures, and ultrasonic velocity change imaging. It also works well in the peritoneal cavity.

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